Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts, Program Director of CBS Radio’s WYCD-FM (Detroit) has been named one of the 30 Best Program Directors In Country Radio in a new list, released February 13 by RadioInk.

Roberts was ranked at #4!

RadioInk notes that “A successful Country PD has to execute the format flawlessly in markets where there is typically more than one station competing for country fans. A successful Country PD has to have an ear for the music, and be willing to take chances on a new song or new artist. A successful Country PD has to nurture relationships with label executives in Nashville who now have more outlets than ever to get their music to the masses. And a successful Country PD must serve the local community, which is one of the hallmarks, along with strong ratings, of a consistently successful Country radio station. And over the past year, every one of the PDs on this list has succeeded at all of those things.”

The magazine notes that Roberts has been in radio for 39 years, 11 of those at WYCD.