Lowell Shore

After nearly six decades, WWTV/WWUP-TV (Cadillac) Chief Engineer Lowell Shore has retired.

Shore, known to broadcasters all over the state and especially in Northern Michigan has been at it since August of 1960.  Lowell started at the station as a junior engineer six years after the WWTV tower was built in 1954.

“Engineers did a lot more than they do now. Lots of tubes, we were always checking tubes in our spare time to keep things up and it was a long time before we had anything in here that had transistors, years. I went from that to chips and servers,” explained Shore to 9and10 News..

Just over a year into his job, there was a fire. “The original building caught fire and burned more than you think a cement building would burn, and we were left here with a TV station with not a lot to work with. RCA sent a moving van with everything we needed and we were back on the air in two weeks. That was quite a feat,” Shore said.

He became chief engineer in 1976.

“I enjoyed working here and there was never any reason to leave. I was doing work that I enjoyed,” explained Lowell.

“Fifty eight years all together, which is a long career, and the company has always been good to work for. I woke up in the morning and I was eager to get to work, but it’s time for retirement now, other plans,” said Shore.

Kevin Dunaway, Vice President/General Manager of the stations told the MAB that a search is underway for Shore’s replacement, but “It’s not an easy job to fill.”

See a video tribute to Lowell Shore on the station’s website here.

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