WSYM’s Kip Bohne Retires

Kip Bohne

After 35 years, Kip Bohne, WSYM-TV (Lansing), retired from the station on December 31, 2017.  Bohne started at the station before it signed on the air, helping to build (what was then) WFSL in 1982 and was appointed Promotion Manager in 1983.  While having the title of Promotion Manager, he was the station’s right-hand man, jack-of-all-trades, manager, creative and marketing director and employee in almost every department.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Bohne was hired by Steve Schram (who now runs Michigan Radio) for the MSU campus radio in 1972.  He managed one of the campus stations for two years and was Chair of the Campus Radio Board during his senior year.  In 1975, he started working at WILS radio in Lansing, both on-air and as Promotion Director.

In the late 70s, Bohne taught high school media and communications with the late Larry Estlack, while still holding an airshift at WILS.  He started at WSFL-TV in July of 1982, one of the original members of the team that physically built the station.

Bohne told the MAB that the real highlight of his career was being so fortunate to be a part of the birth of a new station.  He said the station started out as a struggling independent station, moving into a FOX affiliate and then finally adding a news product.  “It was more fun than should be allowed,” said Bohne.

Bohne, who is married to longtime Lansing news anchor Jane Aldrich (who retired herself in December 2016), said of his future plans, “You can take the boy out of the media, but you can’t take the media out of the boy! I’m not sure what the next move will be, but I’m not planning on “signing off” from the business of media anytime soon!”

In a Facebook post, Aldrich wrote, “As his wife, I applaud his 35 years of dedicated service, integrity, hard work, loyalty and devotion to the station, the wonderful people at FOX 47, and numerous causes and non-profit organizations he’s helped in the community. Kip’s the kind of person who doesn’t like a lot of attention (unlike his wife) and always flies under the radar to get the job done right–not expecting any fanfare, accolades or acknowledgment in return. He’s that quiet, steadfast presence–behind the scenes–who always keeps things running; doing so much, for so many, that most people don’t realize they’ve had an invisible safety net around them all along. I’m not alone in saying that he’s been the creative genius behind some of the best and most innovative television programming, marketing and production in the Midwest. He’s been a mentor to many and an inspiration to all. I can’t wait to see where he’ll put his talents and attention next.”