kw-2014_webBy:  Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

One call to our free Legal Helpline could pay your dues!

That’s right: FREE.  We have one of the best Washington attorneys, David Oxenford, of Wilkinson, Barker and Knauer, to answer your questions on the FREE Legal Helpline. The bonus:  David speaks fluent common English, not just legal speak. If you have your own attorney, David could help you ask the right questions to your attorney by briefing you of the possibilities before you spend your cash on explanations and acronyms rather than solutions.

Free webinars, low cost training programs for sales, engineering, FCC Issues and more.

The MAB offers several free webinars in which you may participate live, or access the archive. Additionally we have low cost seminars and conferences like GLBC and the free Advocacy Conference. Don’t forget P1 Selling, with a long list of topics for your staff to access right from their desk.

GOOD NEWS! The MAB Board is keeping your 2017 dues the same as last year. Remember, dues are paid per station in a market, with the top dues of $500 for all your stations in one market.  MAB dues are among the lowest of all state broadcast associations in the nation. Your voluntary NCSA donation of air time for non-profit organizations supplied by the MAB is one way we are able to keep the dues low and the quality of programs high.

You will be receiving your dues invoices in the next couple of weeks. When you receive your dues invoice, pay it right away! It will be a great investment for you and everyone who works at your station.

The MAB pays a lobby proxy tax so you may deduct your full cash dues as a business expense.

If you have questions about your dues- Call MAB Director of Membership Denise Weston 1-800-968-7622.