Kenn Baynard, Operations Manager of The Marks Group’s WBUP/WBKP-TV (Ishpeming/Marquette) has shared a :30 COVID-19 Public Service Announcement that any station may use and customize with its own branding.  “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives” was produced by Baynard recently and he reached out to the MAB and offered to share an unbranded version of the spot for other stations to add their call letters and/or logo to.

Baynard told the MAB, “I saw a foreign produced animation on a Facebook group I run of dominoes falling with a similar message, and I really liked not only the animation itself but how it visually delivered a message without a lot of spoken words. At first, I just wanted to see if I could make a dominoes animation work. It was a nice little Saturday night project to toy with. When I started having some success with the mechanics of it, I started considering making a PSA to air. With the stay-at-home order just announced a few days prior, I suddenly had a lot of free time to work on it. So, me and some of the folks at the station brainstormed the idea, what the message should be, and how to avoid sounding like another one of the cliché ads we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Four weeks later, numerous revisions and many hours of rendering later, I’m pretty happy with the results!”

Here’s the WBUP/WBKP version of the spot.  The unbranded version may be downloaded here.  Thanks for sharing Kenn!

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