Cumulus Media Has flipped Sports WBBL-FM (Grand Rapids) to Country, using the “Thunder” moniker as part of a simulcast with WTNR-FM (Holland).

WTNR was known as “Thunder” from 2004 to 2014, which it switched to the national Cumulus “Nash-FM” branding.

Related to this format shift for WBBL, Michigan Media Network has acquired and has begun distributing WBBL’s “Huge Show,” hosted by Bill Simonson.  As part of the agreement, Cumulus has switched WJRW-AM (Grand Rapids) and WKLQ-AM (Whitehall) both to Sports as “The Ticket.”  Both stations are now airing the Simonson program.

“Sports Marketing in America has always been a top priority ‘buy’ for America’s most popular advertisers,” Cumulus Radio Grand Rapids Vice-President/General Manager Bruce Law said. “Sports Fans pay close attention to what’s being presented on sports talk radio. We are excited to add a new morning show with Michigan centric content hosted by Matt Shepard; ‘Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave’ in mornings and continue the popular HUGE Show from 3 p.m to 6 p.m, plus offer two most popular national shows, Dan Patrick and Jim Rome.”

The Michigan Media Network website is here.