The positive response to a May 2019 survey of MAB members asking if they would carry high school sports live or stream was overwhelmingly a YES.

Background: The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Board of Directors established a policy decades ago that prohibits live television broadcasts of high school sporting events. With the plethora of media consumed by students and how savvy they have become, broadcasters feel the policy is no longer relevant. High school students are one of the largest media consumer groups today. They use video all the time. They are not intimidated by a camera like they once were. MAB held a meeting with MHSAA staff to ascertain the reason for the decade’s old prohibition on live broadcasting of high school sports.

To make our case we need your help:

We need every general manager or news director to contact their local high school coaches and administrations to ask them to contact the MHSAA Board by phone, email or regular mail to let them know that locally the MHSAA members want their sporting events broadcast live on local television and/or streamed on broadcast websites, which are the most popular in any community.

“Associations listen to their members,” said MAB President Karole White. “Your urging will help greatly. Coverage of the sporting events live on broadcast stations increases the number of people that follow High School sports. Airing high school sporting events over broadcast stations will add to the digital community of those high schools with their own sports streaming capability.”

Stations will not likely ask to carry all games of any particular school. Details will be worked out by a committee of news directors once the MHSAA Board is persuaded to retract this old and totally unnecessary prohibitive rule.