A 2015-2016 SAC Member shares her passion for broadcast journalism

LaurenButzer_275By: Lauren Butzer,
Rockford High School ’16,
Grand Valley State University

I fell in love with storytelling at a very young age. No matter fiction or nonfiction, a story has the power to stir up many different emotions in people. It doesn’t matter if a piece has all the right technical aspects; if it doesn’t tell a good story, people won’t react to it. The media industry is entirely based upon people wanting information and entertainment, and journalism is a huge sector of that industry. With broadcasting, I am able to tell a story, give information and entertain people simultaneously. The effect a story has on someone is what makes me so passionate about making a news package. I am able to take an interview and pick what I want and don’t want the audience to see or hear, and tug at the emotions I know will be the most impactful. Taking a simple interview and turning it into continuous story is exciting every time. Creating something visually pleasing is one thing, but having a good storyline and connection to the audience makes it even better. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I finish a video and watch someone’s face and emotions as they see the final product.

This upcoming year I plan on attending Grand Valley State University. I am still unsure on what I would like to study, but I want to work with people in some way. Whether I end up in broadcasting, communications, or hospitality, I want to try it all before I make my final decision. No matter what I choose, I know I will always be able to use what I have learned in broadcasting to help people tell their story.

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