Sheralyn GanzSheralyn Ganz

Sheralyn Ganz is the Traffic and Continuity Director at Cumulus Media in Ann Arbor, where she’s been for seven years.

Q1: What is your favorite comfort food?
Sheralyn: Homemade macaroni and cheese.

Q2: Which Superhero would you be, and why?
Sheralyn: Crimson Curse, because she uses her magical powers to manipulate the elements of nature — a talent that would really come in handy to a resident of Michigan.

Q3: When I’m not working, I’d rather be …
Sheralyn: Flexing my brain muscles, trying to beat my boyfriend in an epic board game battle.

Q4: If I had the chance, I’d really like to have lunch with …
Sheralyn: Marc Maron.

Q5: Best advice you have ever gotten?
Sheralyn: “Every job you’ll ever work is a paid education.”

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