Pam-Petrick_400Pam Petrick
Results Broadcasting, Iron Mountain

Pam Petrick is the Traffic Director for WHTO-FM, WOBE-FM, and WJNR-FM (Iron Mountain)

Q1: How long have you been in traffic?
Pam:  17-1/2 years, all at my current employer.

Q2: Favorite comfort food?
Pam:  Cheese ravioli with homemade Bolognese sauce.

Q3: Which Superhero would you be and why?
Pam:  Ironman.  Billionaire philanthropist, come on, do you have to hear any more?

Q4: When I’m not working, I’d rather be…
Pam:  Camping with my husband, step-daughter and 14-month-old son.

Q5: If I had the chance, I’d really like to have lunch with…
Pam:  My deceased father or someone that is living…Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium.

Q6: What’s the best advice you have ever received?
I usually don’t get advice, I’m the one giving advice. My famous saying is “if you can’t remember, then take notes…even if you think you can remember, take notes anyway!”  I feel this especially applies to the traffic department.

Q7:  Tell us something about yourself that very few people know:
I have bowled three perfect 300 games.