Following last week’s news regarding St. Clair County, EAS improvements continue in Michigan.  At this past January’s State Emergency Communications Committee Meeting (SECC), a longtime problem in the state’s lower-peninsula Northwest EAS region was addressed.

Over the years, some EAS participants reported difficulties in receiving the region’s LP-2 station, licensed to Indian River, Michigan.  WMKC-FM’s tower location is located in the far north portion of the EAS region.  Broadcasters from Cadillac south reported difficulties in reliably receiving WMKC, simply because of the distance.

The SECC elected to find another station to serve as an LP-3 to relay the LP-1, LP-2, National Weather Service and State Relay via WCMU to broadcast stations in the southern portion of the region.

With the assistance of Midwestern Broadcasting Chief Engineer Eric Send, several facilities were looked at.  WLJN-FM (Traverse CIty), 89.9 mHz was deemed a good candidate, with both a robust 100,000 watt signal, plus a forthcoming backup generator due for install in June.  MAB’s Dan Kelley spoke with the station this past Monday and WLJN agreed to become the LP-3 for the Northwest Region.

WLJN will become an LP-3 and the alternative for EAS participants who cannot receive the LP-2 effective August 1, 2019.

Many thanks to Brian Harcey (General Manager) and Don Parker (Chief Engineer) of Good News Media, licensee of WLJN.  Also again to Eric Send of Midwestern Broadcasting for his help and guidance on this issue.

Stations in the Northwest Region should receive notice of this change in the coming weeks.