Peter Tanz

By: Peter Tanz,  MAB Chairman
Vice President, Midwest Communications (Kalamazoo)

We welcome in a New Year with excitement and anticipation.

THANK YOU  to everyone who volunteered in 2017, served on committees or boards, those who attended events or participated in MAB programs.  You are this association.  Without your participation,  ideas, financial and inventory support of the NCSA program, MAB would not exist.

With continued corporate consolidation, one might question the need for our state association. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters is concerned with YOU and your station(s) specifically.  Your personal success and the success of your station(s) in Michigan are the MAB’s main priority.

The MAB is the only association that advocates on your behalf to prevent onerous laws and taxes from impeding your ability to succeed on a state level.  MAB keeps you informed of these issues and helps to create a strong relationship with local and federal lawmakers.  The NAB depends on the MAB for the grassroots efforts to encourage and grow Michigan lawmaker relationships.

The advocacy, training and education offered by the MAB is to serve you, the members. If you have not paid your 2018 dues or if you are not airing the NCSA/PEP spots at the level you should (50 spots a month on every signal), realize that you may be limiting your station’s success.  All these services are available to you and your employees. (Click here to learn more about MAB member benefits.)  Be a proud member of the MAB.

This will be a very active political year. The Michigan House, Senate, Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State are up for election this year.  All U.S. House members (two open seats in Michigan) and one of our U.S. Senate seats are up for election in 2018.

The 2018  political season is the first where every station’s public file will be on-line and accessible by the public. There will be much outside interest in how you and your team handle political requests.

Your MAB will help you and your team accurately navigate all things political in 2018 with political advertising seminars and the MAB legal hotline.  This could be one of the busiest political advertising years in a long time.

The MAB and our Government Relations firm, Kelley-Cawthorne, keeps an updated list of candidates and issues on the members only section of the MAB website,  If you are a member and can’t remember your member password, call the MAB at 1-800-968-7622.

Finally, thank you to the dedicated staff at the MAB.  Our professional team diligently works every day to ensure the success of all MAB members. Michigan has one of America’s best state broadcast associations thanks to our experienced, hard working and wonderful team.

It is my honor to serve you as your Chairman and I look forward to working with you to make 2018 a GREAT New Year.
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