Tim Moore

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By: Tim Moore,
Managing Partner
Audience Development Group

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Campaigns have been lost because field leaders demurred. Some Radio companies suffocate because a few managers insist on running around issuing insensate commands, spewing forth edicts. Financial stress may lead to added “systems” everywhere; manuals, rules and a handful of people at the top charged with inventing new ones.

“What I want is someone who’ll do exactly what I tell them to,” said a guy recently dismissed from a northwest regional corporate group. Another recently overheard at a conference admitted, “I need someone who will work for less.” Still others infer they really only want a department head that will follow the bread crumbs, show up on time and doesn’t give them any grief. So we ask, if this is what a company really wants, how do we explain the true stars of a company who don’t abide by these invectives?

How come the people who rise through promotions that include expense accounts and privileges are lured away by other broadcast companies, only to be written up in the trades, and who may ultimately have attendants and a catered lunch?

What a great leader really wants is an “artist” in their role; someone who can change everything and make dreams reality for his or her teammates. What leaders really want is a difference-maker. Failing that, of course they’ll settle for an inexpensive drone. So many people in and outside media have been conditioned to be a replaceable part in a large machine. They’ve been taught to care-but not that much-about their job, your listeners or your Ad clients. Often, they’ve been repeatedly messaged to “just fit in.”

At the top of the pyramid for Radio’s corporate model are those leaders who knowingly or not, possess high scores on the ADG Temperament Traits index. Expressiveness: the effort to go beyond boiler plate communication (written or verbal) to articulate a goal and the method for reaching it. Balanced Dominance: those who’ve read military history know General Patton was an all-out “driver,” never unsure about a battle objective. But history documents Admiral Nimitz, (less celebrated because he never sought celebration) was even more effective in his leadership style. Empathy: never to be confused with “sympathy,” the leader practicing empathy understands differences among people, flexing just enough to exploit their strengths while minimizing their shortfalls. Intuition: it may seem natural, even comfortable to live the life of the worker-bee but in fact it’s relatively recent in our culture and is totally manmade, yet so predictable that when we see someone off that grid we view them as an outlier!

Over the last decade in Broadcasting among other fields, it has become increasingly clear those staff members, talent or sales people, who reject the worst of a tired and stale routine are far more likely to succeed! We’ve been trained to believe mediocre obedience is something in-born; genetic in most who seek a career in or outside media. But science points out the trait of “implied obedience” doesn’t even show up or take root until after several years of schooling.

If you’re compelled to break out of a traditional worn out pattern of leadership, stop acting the part. You get what you focus on and you are what your results say you are. So if you decide to take the high ground through brave and artistic leadership, the rising tide of esprit de corps is a certainty…and so are the results.

Tim Moore is Managing Partner of Audience Development Group, based in Grand Rapids, MI and Naples, FL.  Moore thrives on innovating, and the road not taken. At 29, he became Vice President for the TM Companies (Dallas), and shortly thereafter, was awarded executive VP stripes, overseeing both TM Productions and TM Programming for Roy Disney’s parent ownership, Shamrock Broadcasting.

From there Moore began buying radio stations at age 33. Building formats from the ground-up, each station became ratings and revenue success stories. In the mid 90’s he formally established Audience Development Group with colleague Alan Mason, resurrecting a name he and Jon Coleman had intended for a research company, while colleagues at TM.

With consolidation, Audience Development Group’s business plan calling for a “Mayo Clinic” cluster-approach with expertise in multiple formats resulted in a highly successful national reputation, strategically positioned to provide cluster guidance for multiple formats in markets of all sizes.

In 2004, Moore’s book The Motivator, a collection of leadership essays was widely read and endorsed by the Radio Advertising Bureau. He also authors the firm’s weekly E-Column Midweek Motivator, distributed to thousands of media readers each week.

Tim lives in Naples, Florida, travels coast to coast, and has addressed the NAB, RAB, Canadian Broadcasters, Conclave and countless state associations. He holds a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts from CMU, and is a U.S. Navy veteran.