Your MAB has many exciting things happening in 2018!  We are moving to a temporary location while our new building is under construction, we are launching a new website, there are Third Thursday webinars, the job bank website, legislative updates, political broadcasting webinars, Snack and Learns, celebrating 70 years of Michigan broadcasters and so much more!

If you have not paid your MAB dues, you could miss out on the many resources offered and you would not be included in the new MAB Online Directory only available to MAB Members and Associate Members.

Below is a list of the MAB members that have paid dues for 2018.  Thank you so very much for your continued support of your MAB and all we do.  We look forward to serving you in 2018!

(If your station is not listed, please contact Denise Weston at 517-484-7444 or [email protected].  Effective March 31, your station will lose member status and not be able to access MAB resources.)

MAB Television Members 2018
WTLJ-TV Allendale
WWTV-TV Cadillac
WWUP-TV Cadillac
WDIV-TV Detroit
WOOD-TV Grand Rapids
WOTV-TV Grand Rapids
WXSP-TV Grand Rapids
WZZM-TV Grand Rapids
WBKP-TV Ishpeming
WBUP-TV Ishpeming
WWMT-TV Kalamazoo
WILX-TV Lansing
WSYM-TV Lansing
WFXD-FM Marquette
WJMN-TV Marquette
WLUC-TV Negaunee
WNEM-TV Saginaw
WJBK-TV Southfield
WKBD-TV Southfield
WWJ-TV Southfield
MAB Radio Members 2018
WLEN-FM Adrian
WATZ-FM Alpena
WHAK-FM Alpena
WHSB-FM Alpena
WRGZ-FM Alpena
WWTH-FM Alpena
WZTK-FM Alpena
WCUP-FM Baraga
WGLI-FM Baraga
WNWN-FM Battle Creek
WCRZ-FM Burton
WFNT-AM Burton
WLCO-AM Burton
WQUS-FM Burton
WRCL-FM Burton
WATT-AM Cadillac
WKAD-FM Cadillac
WLXV-FM Cadillac
WCHY-FM Cheboygan
WGFE-FM Cheboygan
WGFM-FM Cheboygan
WGFN-FM Cheboygan
WMKC-FM Cheboygan
WQEZ-FM Cheboygan
WTVB-AM Coldwater
WDMK-FM Detroit
WDRQ-FM Detroit
WDVD-FM Detroit
WGPR-FM Detroit
WJR-AM Detroit
WPZR-FM Detroit
WCSX-FM Ferndale
WMGC-FM Ferndale
WRIF-FM Ferndale
WBCT-FM Grand Rapids
WBFX-FM Grand Rapids
WMAX-FM Grand Rapids
WOOD-AM Grand Rapids
WOOD-FM Grand Rapids
WSNX-FM Grand Rapids
WSRW-FM Grand Rapids
WTKG-AM Grand Rapids
WBCH-AM Hastings
WBCH-FM Hastings
WCSR-AM Hillsdale
WCSR-FM Hillsdale
WHTC-AM Holland
WYVN-FM Holland
WCCY-AM Houghton
WHKB-FM Houghton
WOLV-FM Houghton
WHMI-FM Howell
WJNR-FM Iron Mountain
WOBE-FM Iron Mountain
WFER-AM Iron River
WIKB-FM Iron River
WUPM-FM Ironwood
WIBM-AM Jackson
WKHM-AM Jackson
WKHM-FM Jackson
WKFR-FM Kalamazoo
WKMI-AM Kalamazoo
WNWN-AM Kalamazoo
WQLR-AM Kalamazoo
WRKR-FM Kalamazoo
WTOU-AM Kalamazoo
WVFM-FM Kalamazoo
WZOX-FM Kalamazoo
WFMK-FM Lansing
WHZZ-FM Lansing
WILS-AM Lansing
WITL-FM Lansing
WJIM-AM Lansing
WJIM-FM Lansing
WMMQ-FM Lansing
WQBX-FM Lansing
WQHH-FM Lansing
WVFN-AM Lansing
WXLA-AM Lansing
WMOM-FM Ludington
WFXD-FM Marquette
WKQS-FM Marquette
WMQT-FM Marquette
WQXO-AM Marquette
WRPP-FM Marquette
WRUP-FM Marquette
WZAM-AM Marquette
WLUN-FM Midland
WQLQ-FM Mishawaka
WCFX-FM Mt Pleasant
WMMI-AM Mt Pleasant
WCZY-FM Mt. Pleasant
WKBZ-AM Muskegon
WMRR-FM Muskegon
WMUS-FM Muskegon
WKLQ-AM Muskegon Heights
WLAW-FM Muskegon Heights
WLCS-FM Muskegon Heights
WVIB-FM Muskegon Heights
WWSN-FM Muskegon Heights
WJSZ-FM Owosso
WKHQ-FM Petoskey
WLXT-FM Petoskey
WMBN-AM Petoskey
WMKT-AM Petoskey
WHAK-AM Petosky
WZTC-FM Petosky
WBTI-FM Port Huron
WGRT-FM Port Huron
WHLS-AM Port Huron
WHLX-AM Port Huron
WPHM-AM Port Huron
WSAQ-FM Port Huron
WTWS-FM Prudenville
WUPS-FM Prudenville
WHNN-FM Saginaw
WILZ-FM Saginaw
WKCQ-FM Saginaw
WKQZ-FM Saginaw
WMJO-FM Saginaw
WSAG-FM Saginaw
WSAM-AM Saginaw
WBGV-FM Sandusky
WTGV-FM Sandusky
WHPD-FM South Bend
WDZH-FM Southfield
WFDF-AM Southfield
WOMC-FM Southfield
WWJ-AM Southfield
WXYT-AM Southfield
WXYT-FM Southfield
WYCD-FM Southfield
WSAE-FM Spring Arbor
WCSY-FM St Joseph
WCXT-FM St Joseph
WIRX-FM St Joseph
WSJM-FM St Joseph
WYTZ-FM St Joseph
WSJM-AM St. Joseph
WLKM-FM Three Rivers
WBCM-FM Traverse City
WCCW-AM Traverse City
WCCW-FM Traverse City
WFCX-FM Traverse City
WFDX-FM Traverse City
WJZQ-FM Traverse City
WKLT-FM Traverse City
WKLZ-FM Traverse City
WSRJ-FM Traverse City
WSRT-FM Traverse City
WTCM-AM Traverse City
WTCM-FM Traverse City
WPNW-AM Zeeland


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