Without mentioning any specific call letters of affected facilities, major broadcast groups have begun announcing the proceeds they expect to receive from the FCC’s broadcast spectrum auction, now that the commission has lifted the quiet period for broadcasters.

Fox Broadcasting said last week that it expects to receive about $350 million from its participation in the auction. Tribune Media announced that it expects to grab $190 million.  Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that it expects to receive $313 million for its spectrum.  Gray Television said it anticipates $90.8 million in broadcast spectrum auction proceeds, bringing the total from commercial TV groups to $943 million, so far.

In a article published Februrary 13 in Tom Taylor’s NOW Newsletter, it was reported that E.W. Scripps Broadcasting will get “nothing from the spectrum auction – prices were too cheap for its taste.”  Scripps Senior VP/Broadcast Brian Lawlor is quoted as saying “none of the spectrum we or our [potential channel-share] partners offered was selected during the auction process because the prices available in the auction fell below the value we ascribed to it.”

The only specific full-power facility in Michigan, so far, affected by the spectrum auction is WCMZ-TV in Flint, owned by Central Michigan University.  See story here.

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