Ilene Gould
Rockford High School ’16
Michigan State University

Ilene Gould

Ilene Gould

One day I was watching the movie Evita with my mom when I said to her, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a movie made about your life?” and she replied, “Well for that to happen you have to be very controversial.” This got me thinking, why do you have to be controversial to have your story told? Controversy creates intrigue and interest, but that doesn’t mean that other stories aren’t exciting.

Hearing everyday stories are just as important as hearing the controversial ones. In news, there are no limits to the types of stories you can tell. Whether the story is about an upcoming election, or the story is about a big-hearted lady doing something extra for her community, getting someone’s story told helps give our world a louder voice. Stories are collective and make up the novel that is the “Humanity of Planet Earth.”

I believe it’s important for people’s lives and stories to be told, so their life and legacy can outlive them and leave their footprint behind. We can’t control who tells our personal story, but as storytellers within the news industry, it is our job to find that one person whose everyday story deserves to be told; and who doesn’t love to hear a good story?

My entire life I have loved stories and I will begin my education at Michigan State University in the fall pursuing degrees in Music, and Media and Information, which will hopefully lead to a career in the film industry where I can further my love for stories and storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell and a voice to be heard. I hope someday I can find enough voices to create a choir where everyone can sing out their story.

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