Michigan Statewide Tornado DrillIn conjunction with Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 16-22, broadcasters and emergency management partners statewide are encouraged to participate in a statewide tornado drill at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 19.

With the endorsement of the MAB Board of Directors, the National Weather Service will conduct the test with the Tornado Warning EAS Code.  The MAB received a waiver from the FCC to use the actual EAS Tornado Warning Code (“TOR”) for this statewide test.

As with last year’s test, participation by broadcasters is voluntary.

In 2016, some areas in the state received multiple EAS alerts from the NWS weather radio.  After reviewing the results of last year’s test, the weather service has corrected the issues regarding those multiple alerts.

In addition to the EAS activation, areas of the state may also be testing outdoor tornado sirens,  which may alarm some members of the public. Your assistance in informing the public before the test is requested.

The MAB will be distributing more details and information to broadcasters within the next few weeks.