I am and have been proud to call Jackson County home. I grew up in Brooklyn, MI USA where I once blew my knee out playing basketball…after the buzzer…true story. My wife and my two awesome kids (as I write this I can actually hear both of them roll their eyes) will disavow any connection with me if asked. We have two dogs. One is named Cletus for the simple reason I wanted to yell CLETUS in a southern accent into my backyard.

When I’m not on the air I go golfing whenever possible (fun fact: I have golfed every month for nearly 48 consecutive months), long walks from my couch to my fridge and dodging potholes on the bike.

I’m fortunate to be “Living the Dream” and entertaining (or at least trying) you for a living. Thanks for listening and keeping me employed. Stay out of trouble and if you can’t do that, don’t get caught.