Keith Bosworth’s career in Radio began in April 2004. He started out working as a board op at WTWR-FM Toledo/Monroe. Keith has always been interested in how to fix things.

While in Toledo, Kevin Hawley, who was the chief engineer at the time, took Keith under his wings after he showed much interest in his work. Within a few months, Kevin asked Keith to help him install 8 new transmitters. Keith accepted the invitation with no hesitation, and by the time they were finished with the project, Keith was offered the assistant engineer position.

Keith went from the assistant engineer to Chief engineer in 2007, for the Toledo/Monroe market. Shortly after that, he did his first automation install, and re-built three studios.

Keith has had the honor to work on many studio builds and install many transmitters. In 2014, he was promoted from the Chief Engineer of Cumulus Toledo to Chief engineer of Cumulus Detroit. In 2020, he was promoted to the Regional Director of Engineering for the Great Lakes region. Over the last four years, Keith has replaced a multi-station antenna, installed new transmitters at the WJR, and the WDVD sites in Detroit.

Currently, Keith working on a new studio build for the Detroit cluster.