Tim Moore

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By: Tim Moore,
Managing Partner
Audience Development Group

“The radio business is a cruel and shallow trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Reading with interest a late week e-mail criticizing a national media company, there was that sense again. Our business has forged ever deeper into a winding tunnel of change; the kind those visionary entrepreneurs like Storz, McLendon, Fairbanks or Mays who came before us could not have imagined. What began as escapist entertainment for generations of Americans has ultimately become an asset (or liability) on the books of some national companies that might have become huge successes had their grand blueprint succeeded. Rumors fly, innuendo abounds, sell-offs are in play.

Segments of radio grope in the darkness; a business for sale, praying it doesn’t find a buyer. Yet a new sun is waiting, just beyond the dawn. Highly capable ownerships are re-tooling while others are forming-up to take their place in the emerging void brought about by bad directions and poor designs. As we turn into the final lap of the year about to melt into the next, here for your review, Audience Development Group’s “Best Practices Inventory.”

ADG’s Salient Seven: rate your group’s alignment with the following, scale of 1 to 5:

____High Values Awareness

Company vision and standards are regularly communicated and graded to build awareness throughout your group, regardless of its size and scope.

____High Values Accountability

Results are the name of the game, but they’re not achieved in a vacuum. Evaluate your people on standards in parallel with results; show little-tolerance for intentional violations.

____Leadership By Example

The only way you can expect management to work is through being skillfully equipped to instill West Point’s brilliant definition of leadership… simply stated, “Follow me.”

____Continuity Of Words & Deeds

Radio has become famous for its contradictory cluster-communication of mixed messages and conflicting objectives. No organization can eclipse competitors if its people are inherently confused about the plan they’re following. Worse, some don’t have a plan.

_____Attention to Perception-Management

Only highly evolved companies and their leadership are aware of the impact of the company’s attitude and sense-of-self. This is not about manipulating the truth, instead unceasing awareness of the values within which your people either succeed or fail.

_____Positive Change by Increments

No negative situation was ever completely reversed in 24 hours or 24 months. In current times our attentions should be mono-focused on tangible improvements every day, as opposed to Hail Mary passes based on quick-fix voodoo or the promotion-of-the-month.

_____Radio is supposed to be all about belief in advertising… except in its own case. How’s yours?

It’s time to change who we are and what we believe we deserve. The future belongs to better leaders and more motivated teammates with stronger belief. Some are acting on it. Others never will.

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Tim Moore is Managing Partner of Audience Development Group, based in Grand Rapids, MI and Naples, FL.  Moore thrives on innovating, and the road not taken. At 29, he became Vice President for the TM Companies (Dallas), and shortly thereafter, was awarded executive VP stripes, overseeing both TM Productions and TM Programming for Roy Disney’s parent ownership, Shamrock Broadcasting.

From there Moore began buying radio stations at age 33. Building formats from the ground-up, each station became ratings and revenue success stories. In the mid 90’s he formally established Audience Development Group with colleague Alan Mason, resurrecting a name he and Jon Coleman had intended for a research company, while colleagues at TM.

With consolidation, Audience Development Group’s business plan calling for a “Mayo Clinic” cluster-approach with expertise in multiple formats resulted in a highly successful national reputation, strategically positioned to provide cluster guidance for multiple formats in markets of all sizes.

In 2004, Moore’s book The Motivator, a collection of leadership essays was widely read and endorsed by the Radio Advertising Bureau. He also authors the firm’s weekly E-Column Midweek Motivator, distributed to thousands of media readers each week.

Tim lives in Naples, Florida, travels coast to coast, and has addressed the NAB, RAB, Canadian Broadcasters, Conclave and countless state associations. He holds a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts from CMU, and is a U.S. Navy veteran.