Gov. Snyder

According to a report in MIRS, Governor Rick Snyder would like to set aside $325 million in General Fund for road funding in the upcoming Fiscal Year (FY) 19 budget proposal that will be unveiled on February 7.

Under the 2015 $1.2 billion road funding package, $150 million in General Fund money is required to be put into the FY ’19 budget, but Snyder wants to use $175 million of the $280 million in unallocated FY ’17 lapsed money for roads.  The move would move the projected 2020 General Fund allocation for roads — $325 million — a year ahead of schedule. The money would also be on top of the roughly $600 million additional the state is receiving through the increased state gas tax and driver registration fees that were also part of the 2015 package.

Stay tuned for complete FY 19 budget proposal details.

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