Duane Alverson

By:  Duane Alverson, President
MacDonald Broadcasting Company (Saginaw & Lansing)

We have never had so many choices! Just look at how many different screens you can watch March Madness on this year. And most of them are not sitting in your living room in front of your favorite chair.

The proliferation of media choices in the last 10 years is amazing. Growing up, I remember three choices when it came to broadcast television: NBC, CBS and ABC. Yes, I’m dating myself; but, it wasn’t that long ago. Today there are so many choices that one has a hard time staying connected with them all. This is especially true when you include all the new choices now found on digital platforms.

So, it’s no wonder why advertisers are confused and frustrated as to where to invest their hard earned marketing dollars.

But wait. Instead of wrestling over all the choices, we suggest another approach—an approach that works no matter where your audience is seeing or hearing it.

Get the Message?

No matter if it’s on the big screen, the handheld screen, or on no screen at all, a great message makes any advertising platform successful. By the same token, no advertising platform succeeds without a great message. In fact, the research proves it.

Roy H. Williams, author of the Wizard of Ads, points out just how important a great message is in generating results with your advertising investments, no matter what medium you select. It serves as a great reminder about what’s really important when it comes to advertising your business.

Great advertising messages need to be about your customers — not about your business! Far too often, advertising messages are all about you and your product/service…all about what you think is great. But truly great advertising messages are all about your customers:

  • What problems they have, how you understand them, and how you can solve them.
  • Their hopes and aspirations, and how your product allows them to achieve them.
  • Why people feel great about doing business with your company.
  • Why they drive by all the players in your category to do business with you.

Walk in their Shoes to Sell them Shoes

I remember first learning this some 30 years ago when I first came into this business. The saying went like this: “If you’re going to sell what Jim Jones buys, you better learn to sell through Jim Jones’s eyes.”

The right message resonates, regardless of medium. And the best messages play on the small screen and big screen alike. To take just one example I saw watching college basketball last weekend, the Capital One commercial with Sir Charles eating his snack out of his backwards hoodie played well on every screen. Large and small. I know…I saw it on both!

Message received? Only if it’s a good one!

Duane Alverson currently serves as President of MacDonald Broadcasting Company. Duane has been with MacDonald Broadcasting Company for 32 years serving in various sales leadership positions. He served as Chairman of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in 2012 and as President of the Michigan Jaycees in 1981-82. Duane resides in Saginaw, Michigan. 

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