Both Sage and DASDEC have announced availability of required updates for their EAS boxes, which must be installed by November 8.

Sage announced October 30 that its long awaited ENDEC update (Rev95) that is necessary for the expiring digital certificate has been cleared for distribution. This is the controversial update that Sage is charging* users $349 for each ENDEC.  The upgrade became neccessary after FEMA announced a changing the method used to connect to its IPAWS server, disabling an older method in favor of a new security standard. After the FEMA switchover, older versions of the ENDEC software will not be able to receive CAP messages from IPAWS. The update is available from Sage distributors.  For more information, visit Sage here.

*This update will be provided free of charge for ENDECs purchased new after March 1, 2018.

Digital Alert Systems has announced that the security update DASDEC devices is available for download and install.  Information and download is here.

Larry Wilkins, CPBE, of the Alabama Broadcasters Assocation has made available a tutorial on the upgrade process for both Sage and DASDEC.  That tutorial is available here.

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