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KevinRobBy: Kevin Robinson
Robinson Media 

“Writing a tune is like sculpting. You get four or five notes, you take one out and move one around and you do a little bit more and eventually the sculptor says, ‘In that rock there is a statue, we have to go find it” – John Williams

Parallels between creating a radio brand and developing a movie are striking. Even the roles that behind-the-scenes players occupy are similar.

The Owner (Executive Producer) funds the operation, General Manager (Producer) hires the Program Director (Director) as the Program Director populates his brand (the movie) with talent (actors).

In a perfect world, the vision for the product comes directly from the mind and leadership of The Team.

Every element, from the business matrix to compelling messaging to marketing to product delivery, supports that vision.

What comes through the target market is – The Score.

The minutia inside the sonic design, the atmospherics of the product spring from the mind of Program Director.

The ART of ‘scoring’ the product is a lost – uh – art!

Great brands are built on an intuitive music scheme (beyond research), focused, unique, compelling talent and larger-than-life reflective packaging.

All programmers should take a day away from the office every quarter and listen intently to their ‘movie.’

Best done sequestered and away from distraction, this isolation will allow you to SEE your song-to-song decisions, HEAR the score in your packaging and truly DIRECT the air talent.

It won’t ever be perfect – but (like movies) with a touch of risk, it will be different,

YOUR – ‘different’.

Today – now.

Do you hear a statue inside your radio?

Kevin Robinson is a record-setting and award-winning programmer. His brands consistently perform in the Top 3 of the target – often times as the list leader. In his 35 years of radio, he’s successfully programmed or consulted nearly every English language radio brand. Known largely as a trusted talent coach, he’s the only personality mentor who’s coached three different morning shows on three different stations in the same major market to the #1 position. His efforts have been recognized by Radio & Records, NAB’s Marconi, Radio Ink, and has coached CMA, ACM, and Marconi winning talent. Kevin lives in St. Louis with his wife of 30 years, Monica. Reach Kevin at (314) 882-2148 or [email protected].

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