Bill Thompson, whom  many broadcasters around the state know from his days as a reporter and anchor at the Michigan Radio Network, has published My Life as a Great Lakes Broadcaster, a compelling book that shares personal and insightful perspectives in the field of media and communications.

In the book, Thompson shares stories and extensive photos from the stops along his career beginning in college radio, WFYC/Alma, WSOO/WSUE in Sault Ste. Marie, WJOR/South Haven, WJIM-AM/FM in Lansing, WITL-AM/FM in Lansing, WION/Ionia. Michigan News Network and Michigan Radio Network, both based in Lansing.  He retired in December of 2017.

My Life as a Great Lakes Broadcaster begins with Thompson in his youth, growing up on the family farm in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. It shows readers how he was proficient at performing music in band and orchestra, then became interested in speech at Remus Chippewa Hills High School. From there he moved on to five active years at Central Michigan University where Bill describes his broadcast and  journalism training. That college training helped to combine all of those earlier interests into one, and it came up, radio! That led to a forty-year career of rapid cultural, technical and personal changes.

Once leaving CMU, the journey took Bill “up and down the dial” across the State of Michigan, from Alma to Sault Ste. Marie and South Haven, working in various radio jobs except for sales and engineering, before coming to Michigan’s Capitol City of Lansing where he settled into news reporting. After twelve years at two Lansing stations, Bill found his calling at a statewide radio news network for the next twenty-three years, despite turmoil and five ownership changes.

Thompson is recipient of recognition and awards from the Associated Press, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Central Michigan University Alumni Association.

Published by Covenant Books, My Life as a Great Lakes Broadcaster is currently available at Barnes and Nobel bookstores, and online at the the Apple iTunes store, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Bill is available for interviews.  Contact him at (517) 243-1892 or
[email protected].