MAB Washington Attorney David Oxenford has advised broadcasters throughout the country regarding the effective date for the lowest unit rate ahead of the presidential primaries.  In Michigan the effective date is January 25, 2020.  Stations should be certain station employees understand the requirements that go along with political advertising, including lowest unit charge and the expanded public file disclosure obligations issued by the FCC in mid-October.

For more on issues computing lowest unit rates, see David’s articles here, here and here (this last article dealing with the issues of package plans and how to determine the rates applicable to spots in such plans), and his Political Broadcasting Guide for Broadcasters.

MAB members might also view a November, 2019 webinar, “Preparing for the 2020 Elections” with David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP and Bobby Baker and Gary Schonman, FCC.  The webinar recording is available in our webinar archives here (member password required).