MAB Washington counsel David Oxenford sends a reminder that any radio or TV station that has a C-Band Earth Station needs to be aware of an FCC notice that was released this week. It lists the earth stations that are eligible for reimbursement for their expenses as the C-Band is compressed to allow portions to be used for 5G Wireless. To make sure that they do not have any issues qualifying for reimbursement of their expenses, stations need to review the FCC public notice, and any corrections or omissions need to be filed with the FCC by next Thursday, July 16. For more information, see David Oxenford’s blog article here with links to the FCC Public Notice. Oxenford advises stations to your engineering and legal advisors now so that you can meet the July 16 deadline and make any required filing in the manner set out by the FCC.

The FCC’s notice about the preliminary list of earth stations eligible for reimbursement (the “incumbent” earth stations) is available here, the preliminary list of incumbent C-band earth stations with explanatory notes in PDF format is available here and the preliminary list of incumbent C-band earth stations as an Excel chart is available here.