According to a report in Broadcasting & Cable, the ‘RAY BAUM Act’ was passed the U.S. House unanimously out of the Energy & Commerce Committee.

The bill,  “Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act of 2018 (RAY BAUM), reauthorizes the FCC, allocates additional funding for the post-incentive auction repack and creates new funds for radio stations, low power TV stations and translators, none of which were included in the initial repack fund, set at $1.75 billion.

The bill establishes a new Broadcast Repack Fund that will cover full-power TV stations, as well as a Translator and Low-Power Station Relocation Fund, money for co-located radio stations affected by the TV station moves, the FM Broadcast Station Relocation Fund, and the Broadcast Station Relocation Consumer Education Fund, $50 million for driving awareness of the repack and the associated channel changes.

The money will be made available if the $1.75 billion is not enough, which the FCC has already said will be the case, even before adding funds for radio, LPTVs and translators.