Proof Traditional Media Drives Online Engagement: 5 Case Studies

It’s no secret that digital ad spends are continuing to rise. With this trend, traditional media outlets have faced serious competition for ad dollars. And that competition will continue to be fierce as digital media is predicted to break the 50% mark for percent of total media ad spending in 2020 (eMarketer).

The good news? People are consuming more media on a daily basis than ever before and in more ways than ever. U.S. Adults spend an average of 11 hours and 27 minutes per day connected to media. And that media consumption is not all digital. Radio, outdoor and TV continue to garner significant mindshare and recall rates far exceeding digital platforms.
Additionally, digital performance metrics and campaign recall are proven to be more successful with a combination of traditional and digital media.

This session will share powerful case studies demonstrating the important mix of traditional and digital media as well as one agency’s perspective of the importance of traditional media.