Management vs. Leadership: The Differences, and How to be Good at Both

Though we use the two words interchangeably, they are not the same. We’ll address the differences, why we must be good at both, and cover behavior that drives your team to excel, and behavior that drives them right over the edge!

Mark Levy, President and Co-Founder
Revenue Development Resources (RDR),

Described as a dynamic “value-packed” public speaker, “fabulous sales trainer and motivator,” and resource of “thousands of tips and approaches that always pay dividends,” Mark Levy has 35+ years of experience and expertise in growing organizations’ teams, profits and impact. As President and Co-Founder of Revenue Development Resources (RDR), Mark is a widely-known and highly-respected public speaker, sales and management trainer and coach, and business development consultant.

Mark’s abilities to coach, train and entertain, have led him to present to hundreds of audiences.