Virtualization is Good, and the Road to It is Paved with More Good

Virtualization means different things to different practitioners in different contexts. A bank ATM is a virtual teller. A modern smartphone can represent dozens or hundreds of virtualized functions. In broadcasting, PC-based automation systems have virtualized a dozen or more discrete functions.

Virtualization nirvana may be the ability to “spin up” a complete broadcast facility in a cloud-based environment. Certainly most elements of such a scenario are available now.

Whether near-total virtualization of production or playout equipment is part of your facility future, one thing is for certain: Networked IP broadcast infrastructure is the building block for it.  The good news is that IP audio and video make our jobs better, easier, and more flexible right now.  IP infrastructure represents the “pavers” to any road we want to build.

This presentation will present ideas – some perhaps radical – of a virtualized broadcast infrastructure.  But, more importantly, will demonstrate how IP networking benefits all broadcast functions right now.

Kirk Harnack will set up the discussion and present concrete examples of virtualizing using IP networking.  Hal Buttermore will describe networked Intercom design in which all functions are intelligently distributed, dynamically.