Drones in Broadcasting

Towers and News and Marketing, Oh My!

Anyone who has hired a tower crew to investigate an issue on their tower knows this can be a costly endeavor. Mobilization fees, multiple climbs, as well as potential damage caused by the climbing crew, can now be reduced with the use of drones. Personal safety is also a huge benefit of using a drone to investigate an issue on a tower rather than having someone physically climb hundreds of feet in the air exposing themselves to RF and potential fall hazzards. However, every engineering department should know that once they have a drone and a certified part 107 sUAS pilot on staff, there will be more uses for them then just tower work! (“Other Duties As Assigned”)

Drones are being incorporated in many aspects of our day to day operations. Engineering and Towers, Marketing and Promotions, Commercial Client shoots, and News Gathering are just a few of the uses in Broadcasting. They can also be used in coordination with safety and security, as well as maintenance projects to keep tabs on construction or to get a view of building heat loss through windows and roofs. You are only limited in the commercial use of a drone by your imagination and FAA rules.

During this hour we will cover some basic overviews of obtaining the part 107 sUAS pilot certification. We will also go over some basic rules which are changing rapidly in this emerging field. And I’ll share some ways that I have utilized our drone at Interlochen Center for the Arts and Interlochen Public Radio with a focus on DJI drones, towers and other duties as assigned.