Drones and 360 Photography

Zak McGraw, Digital Creative Director for LunaTech 3D will do a presentation on obtaining a part 107 commercial license for aerial photography and cinematography and also advancements in 360 photography. Technology advancements have made it possible for aerial shots that would’ve needed a plane or helicopter back in the day to be done with a small device that can be carried in any backpack and how a DSLR can show an entire business from the inside out. He will also explain flying and handling the drone, how to take 360 photography on the ground and in the air. The creation and stitching methods used to make a 360 photo will also be discussed

Modern Field Production

Jeremy Salo, Producer and Cinematographer for CLV Productions will discuss how EFP equipment has evolved over the years. He will reveal experiences creating content on location for Netflix, Amazon, PBS and the Outdoor Channel. The digital revolution has made it possible for smaller crews to record episodic television and streaming content. Jeremy will describe recording Your Brush with Nature, a plein air painting television show that records in the elements of all four seasons. He will also explain what it’s like to operate camera for Hook n’ Look, capturing footage on lakes as well as an underwater perspective. Camera housings, redundant audio configurations, underwater communication systems, lighting considerations, data management, minimum crew sizes with their limitations and strengths will be discussed.