Creating Better Video 101: No Matter Who you Are or What Tools you Have

In this one hour session, you will walk away with practical skills that will help you create better looking video, no matter your current skill level or the equipment available to you.

You know good video when you see it – and I’ll help you understand what makes a video ‘look better’
– and then show you how you can start making your videos look better too.

*This will be an interactive and hands on course – the best way to learn is by doing – so bring your camera or smart phone that you’ll be using in the real world!


Joshua Phelps, Creative Director & Producer
Arland Communications

A creative with a business mindset, Joshua uses his talent and passion for the creative process to make obscure concepts into powerful stories. With a marketing degree from Butler University’s Lacy School of Business, Joshua guides the strategic direction of his work to achieve his client’s business goals, evidenced by his awards and Regional Emmy Nominations as both a Producer and Editor. In his work at Arland Communications, Joshua has worked as a Director, Producer, Editor, and DP across the United States and internationally in Europe and Asia. His projects range from broadcast TV commercials to features and content for Fortune 500 companies. As an undergraduate, Joshua founded a design & video business, which was later acquired by Arland Communications when he joined the team in 2013. In his free time Joshua spends his time outdoors and in the workshop, tinkering with his next project. He takes on every new adventure – at work or at play – with his partner Maggie, and their two sons.