The Seven Steps of Selling Success

Sales can be confusing, particularly for new sellers just entering the career. It can be equally frustrating for veteran sellers who are so good at what they do, they’ve forgotten what they do and they are just acting on instinct. Then something happens, say a global pandemic, and we are all right back to figuring out what will or what has made us successful. In this session we will walk you through the 7-Steps of Selling Success. A repeatable process that will help you achieve the level of excellence that you want.

Jeff Schmidt, Senior Vice-President, Professional Development
The Radio Advertising Bureau

Jeff Schmidt became an salesperson with the Midwest Family Broadcast Group in the 80s. Jeff has been “on the air”, on the streets as a successful seller, and has spent years inspiring teams as sales manager. He rose through the ranks as sales manager, market manager, and regional vice president and has served in various sales roles and organizations in his 30+ years in radio.

As Senior Vice President of Professional Development, Jeff Schmidt oversees the professional development group across all RAB’s training services and works with the industry’s leadership to continue to provide a professional development practice positioned to serve an evolving industry sales force focused on digital, solution based integrated marketing and sales efforts.