Facility Updating – The Move to IP and ATSC3.0

There are many aspects to consider when planning to update a broadcast facility. ATSC3.0 enables new transactional services that require interaction with the viewer, broadcast equipment has evolved from proprietary to computer based technology and the equipment room has evolved to a data center. Cloud services and Work from Home have added a few more layers of complexity.

This session will outline the different areas within the media supply chain, new infrastructure requirements and different technology considerations and the impact they have on broadcast and production services and operations.

Gary Olson, Broadcast Technology Designer & Project Executive
GHO Group, LLC

Gary Olson is a broadcast technology designer and project executive specializing in the transition from traditional media technology and workflows to computer and network centric IP and File technologies and workflows.  Gary is considered a thought leader and technology expert in the broadcast industry. He is an active consultant in IP based broadcast design.

Gary’s career spans a number of changes in the broadcast industry.   His projects cover a broad spectrum that include designing new television networks in the US and internationally, setting up satellite transmission facilities, inventing new solutions for broadcast and leading the evolution in the convergence of video and data with the transition to IP.  He has a US Patent in streaming media.