Engagement is the Metric that Matters

Engagement is the tell-tale sign from the audience that your content is accomplishing two main goals:

Capturing Attention & Converting It Into Action.

But Lori digs deeper into why engagement matters most.

LEVERAGE: Healthy engagement is how we influence fans to invest their time & actions with our brands. This is way more important than vanity metrics (the number of fans or reach)

LONGEVITY: The longer someone spends engaging with your content, the life of each post is extended in the social space, opening more opportunities to be discovered.

LOST: Without engagement – we’re like a ghost ship – floating around the social space; no one manning the ship, no one caring about our ship. So, don’t just give engaging content – be responsive and interact with the community too.


Lori Lewis, Founder
Lori Lewis Media

Lori has an extensive background with broadcasters including VP Social Media with Cumulus Media, VP Social Media with Westwood One, VP, Social Media & Digital Audience Growth with Jacobs Media, Director of Social Media and Digital Fan Growth with Midwest Communications, and Brand Marketing Manager with iHeartMedia. Lori is also co-creator of “The Internet Minute.”