Live Streaming 101 (NATOA)

In this panel discussion we’ll discuss what outlet are the most popular for streaming, how much bandwidth and connectivity would you need and what it takes to live stream a professional production.

  • Otto Boschet 

    Production Assistant, Access Fort Wayne / Chief Engineer, "This Week In America"

    Otto Boschet 

    Otto’s broadcast experience began in high school at radio station, WJHS-FM  and
    currently works at Access Fort Wayne and WELT-LP located in the Allen County Public Library and called the station’s MacGyver. You will also find him working as the Chief Engineer for Blue Funk Broadcasting’s This Week In America. He is on the Central States Alliance for Community Media Board were his continues helping communities staying involved in combination of use of media. This involvement strengthens his importance in media and to share inexpensive ways to use many platforms available.

  • Carey Hammel

    Operations & Administration Director, Mid Michigan Area Cable Consortium (MAC TV Network)

    Carey Hammel

    Carey Hammel is the Operations & Administration Director at the Mid Michigan Area Cable Consortium(MAC TV Network) which serves several communities in Mid Michigan.  Through his work at the MAC TV Network Carey has worked on several forms of broadcasts and has designed their current playback and operations system.  MAC TV makes use of live streaming to enhance their traditional broadcasts and regularly streams Mid Michigan College Basketball games and other events for their communities.  Carey has also led a group of volunteers in providing a free to view live stream of the Michigan Indoor Track Series State Championship Meet for the last three years.  Carey & MAC TV staff use a variety of tools to produce high quality broadcasts and streams on a small budget using the free software OBS Studio as their main method of streaming, recording and graphics.