Entries & Eligibility

1. This competition is open to all commercial stations, public stations and statewide broadcasting networks based in Michigan. Commercial stations may only enter in the Commercial categories and Statewide Broadcasting Networks are eligible to enter in all Commercial categories. Statewide Broadcasting Television Networks may also enter in the Public Television category “Independent Producer.”

2. Only stations receiving Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funding may enter in the Public categories. Public stations are defined as a station licensed to operate as a non-commercial broadcasting station with primary studios and FCC authorized broadcast operations in Michigan and in partnership with another entity or itself meeting the then applicable minimum qualifications established by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for Community Service Grants, as adjusted from time to time.

3. Digital sub-stations must enter under their own separate digital sub-station call letters and cannot be combined with the primary station’s entries, unless the entry aired on both stations. Please note all digital television sub-stations are included in the list of stations in the online entry system. All primary station call letters will retain -TV at the end of their call letters. (i.e.: XXXX-TV, XXXX-DT2, XXXX-DT3 or XXXX-DT4).

4. To enter in the Statewide Broadcasting Networks divisions, entrants must be a Michigan-based producer of network and syndicated programming. Entry must be aired on Michigan licensed broadcast stations. Statewide broadcasting networks are not eligible for Station of the Year.

5. Entries must have been created, produced and aired by the entrant’s station. Entries may not be produced with outside advertising or production agency equipment, assistance or direction (excluding the Public Television, Independent Producer category).

6. Awards are given to an individual station, not to individual talent. All entrants must identify themselves by using one set of station call letters unless the group of call letters are COMPLETELY simulcast.

7. Public entries must be at least 51% locally produced. Public programs distributed throughout the state may be entered by the originating station only.

8. Entries are limited to three (3) per station in each category with the exception of Commercial Television Community Involvement, Commercial Radio Community Involvement, Public Radio and Public Television Station of the Year categories which are limited to one (1) and Commercial Television News Reporter, News Anchor, and Photojournalist categories which are limited to five (5).

9. All entries must be submitted using the online entry system. Hard copies will not be accepted.

10. All Entries must first be uploaded to an external hosting site before they can be submitted to the online entry system. Below are some suggested sites. It is the responsibility of the station to make certain the link is operational on Better BNC through the end of March 2021. No refunds will be issued for links that do not open. Note: Analytics from online hosting sites may not be accurate. Additional fees and restrictions may apply to outside sites, please see each site for details.

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11. For all winning entries, the station must also submit a :15 second, high resolution clip that can be used during the awards ceremony. Clips will be submitted via an FTP site under password protection. Upon being notified of your winning entries, a station will be emailed an access code for the FTP site to upload their winning clips. All corresponding clips must be labeled the same as the winning entry title(s) and must be submitted within seven (7) business days of being notified of any winning entries.

12. Entries may not include pre-roles or any advertisements and may not exceed more than one (1) hour in length unless otherwise specified.

13. All requested information must be complete in order to qualify.

14. Entries without payment, incomplete entry information, missing attachments, or links that are not operational by the due date will be disqualified from the competition.


15. All entries must have been produced and broadcast during the 2020 calendar year from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

16. Entries must be submitted online by Wednesday, January 20, 2021 by 12:00 p.m. (noon)

17. Finalists will be notified by mid-February. Winners, including the Stations of the Year, will be announced in March 2021 during a virtual awards presentation.


18. Entry fees are $50 per entry for MAB, MAPB and Associate members; Non-member rate is $95 per entry. Online payments must be made before the close of the online entry system at 12:00 p.m. (noon), January 20, 2021.

19. If paying by check, please send an email indicating your intention to pay by check and the amount that will be paid to [email protected] Credit card payments must be made online before the system closes. Check payments must be received no later than the close of business on January 20, 2021 or the entries will not be submitted for judging. All fees for each station may be paid in one or multiple transactions.

Judging & Stations of the Year

20. Commercial Station of the Year Awards: Points for Station of the Year will be calculated as follows: Best Award = 10 points; Merit Award = 5 points; and 10 additional points per winning entry (both Best and Merit) will be awarded in the weighted categories.

21. Public Station of the Year Awards: Points for Station of the Year will be calculated as follows: Best Award = 10 points; Merit Award = 5 points with the exception of the Station of the Year category. For a station to be eligible for Station of the Year they must have entered the Station of the Year category. The winners of both the Best and the Merit award in the Station of the Year category will receive an additional 60 points to be counted toward Station of the Year.

22. Judging will be conducted by broadcasting peers outside the state of Michigan using the same online system the MAB uses for entry.

23. An award will be given in each category unless, in the opinion of the judges, no award is deserved. The decision of the judges is final. Note: all judges will be requested to view at least 25% of each entry before making any judgments.

24. Disputes, of any kind, about this program will be reviewed by the MAB Awards Committee.