By: Karole L. White
Michigan Assocation of Broadcasters

A cartoon illustration of a Thanksgiving Turkey character.

If you are like many, the bird isn’t the only thing over the holidays that got stuffed. We all ate our fill. Now, its back to work where for the next month we will all try to sell as far into 2017 as we can.  Securing your annual contracts is
important, so you know what you have next year. That is important to the MAB as

The MAB membership is stuffed full of benefits for your whole team. We are laying out big plans for 2017, most of which are only available to members. We do not want you to come up with an empty plate. Use great programs from the MAB like: P1 Selling, Free Energy Audits, Broadcast Compliance Service for EEO and our wonderful Legal Help lines with the top communications and FCC attorneys in the nation, as your utensils for success.

Click here to see the list of MAB membership services and dues schedule or call the MAB at 800.968.7622.  Discounts available only until December 31.