Ajit Pai

According to a report in TVNewsCheck, the FCC Chair Ajit Pai announced the introduction next month of an overarching review of the commission’s broadcasting, cable and satellite rules. “Broadcasting remains an indispensable part of America’s communications landscape. And under my chairmanship, broadcasting won’t be seen as a speed bump. We’ll want to hear which rules you think should be modified or repealed as part of this review, and why.”

In a speech at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the FCC would undertake a “comprehensive” review of the 1,000 pages of broadcasting, cable and satellite TV rules with the goal of slashing or changing those that are “no longer needed or counterproductive.” Pai said a draft of the review has been sent to the other commissioners with the expectation that the FCC would vote to order the review at the FCC’s next meeting on May 18.

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