Opposition Campaign to Redistricting Measures Finally Takes to the Airwaves

With over two weeks left before the November general election, opponents of the redistricting Proposal 18-2 put out the first radio ad in opposition to the measure. The ad calls Proposal 2 a “complicated confusing mess” that “will cost you an insane amount of money.”

Proposal 2 would create a citizen’s commission to draw district lines for the Legislature and the Congress. The one minute ad was released to go statewide on radio stations.

A recent analysis from the Senate Fiscal Agency (SFA) estimated the cost for the commission to complete its tasks at $4 million. The proposal also says the commissioners will be paid at least 25 percent of the governor’s salary, which the SFA estimated to be slightly less than $40,000. The proposal also requires that once a districting map is completed the commission expires.