According to an article in All Access, Nielsen released the first in what it plans to be an annual series of reports based on interviews with Chief Marketing Officers and other survey data. The Nielsen CMO Report 2018 indicates that 82% of marketers expect to increase their digital spending by an average of 49% as a percentage of their total advertising budget in the next 12 months and that almost 80% plan to increase their investment in analytics or attribution solutions in the same time frame.

The marketers, however, were less enthusiastic about measuring return on investment, with just 26% saying they are “highly confident” in their ability to accurately measure ROI from digital (and only 23% saying the same for traditional media). Find the full report by clicking here.

Though the article spoke a lot about digital media in which broadcasting has a strong presence, it reported that traditional media remains “critical to brand building,” and 62% said their plans are organized to support an omnichannel approach.

“We conducted the research for the Nielsen CM Report 2018 with one central goal, to give voice to brand advertisers who are facing some of the most daunting challenges of their organizations,” Nielsen SVP/Product Marketing and Strategy Eric Solomon told All Access. “What we heard was that, despite the prevalence of new advertising and promotional channels and significant investments in data and technology, marketers are still struggling to generate and prove sales results in an increasingly omnichannel world.”

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