iHeartMedia WKQI-FM (Detroit) morning personality Mojo has kicked off “Mojo’s Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish” again for 2019 in an effort to provide Christmas for those in need.  This will be the 16th year of the campaign.

According to the station website, Mojo was inspired by a morning show in another city that began this concept of breaking into people’s houses during the holidays and bringing them a Christmas tree along with gifts so they had something for their family to celebrate. Instead of waiting for help from sponsors or clients, Mojo and Spike pooled money from their own pockets and began to buy gifts and food to deliver to listeners that were nominated by their family and friends. Once Producer Rachel took over the show, she created a 501C3 called, “Mojo in the Morning’s Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish.”

Mojo noted, “Last year we were able to not only help 10 entire families, but we were able to help a whole school and their staff. We are in a position where we can really change lives and we are hoping to continue to do that through Mojo’s Breaking and Entering, while continuing to use the radio station to reach those listeners. Thank you for supporting us along the years and making this as powerful as it has become.”

Read more on the station’s website here.  The show can also be heard on iHeart’s WSNX-FM (Grand Rapids).

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