Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

By: Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

The Census in Michigan needs our help to reach the 4.3 million rural areas and hard to count populations.

It is unfortunate that the U.S. Census and the COVID-19 pandemic shared the same time span. COVID has taken over the top news slots.

In spite of the challenges, Michigan has done quite well in reaching our state overall goals but there are a number of areas that are under reported, remote rural areas and inner city hard to reach populations.

Broadcasters can help by bringing light to the facts about census. A good website is the Attorney General’s website. It answers most Census questions that people have and tries to squelch the census fears that some may have.


The U.S. Census is one of the statistics used to set media market ranking. If we get a low count your market position could decline. That could mean fewer national and regional advertising buys. That dollars to the bottom line. So helping to get the best Census count possible is helping to make our own business strong.

Additionally, a decline in census numbers could cause Michigan to lose a house seat which in turn could reduce our influence in D.C., not to mention that federal aid to states is based on population. Census figures are used in many ways that are essential to the lives of Michiganders

We realize that you are in the middle of political advertising season and that stations are filled with political ads. Covering these last stages of the Census in your news, discussing it on the air could help to move Michigan closer to the top in the race to reach the difficult to count population. The difficult to reach populations often have access to radio. Television reaches those who influence this population. We know your station can reach them.

Thank you for the many things you have already done to promote the 2020 Census. We need your help on this last phase.

For More information on about the Census and reaching the difficult to count, contact Kerry Ebersole [email protected]

Thanks for your help.,



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