Frank Foti

Michigan broadcasters are welcome to register for the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s (ABA) monthly engineering webinar, scheduled for this Tuesday, February 15th at 11:00 AM Eastern.  This month’s free webinar will feature special guest Frank Foti of the Telos Alliance. Foti will discuss situations that create problems with varying sound levels in elements of a radio or television programming.

The ABA notes that even though the “Loudness War” has subsided, their still seems to a problem with loudness variations that are different from one element to another. An that’s “loudness,” not “audio” level. There is a large difference.

Michigan broacasters are welcome to join for an interest conversation about how the human auditory system responds to changes in air pressure.

You can register online here.

Frank Foti is Executive Chairman of the Telos Alliance, founder of Omnia Audioand a pioneer in broadcast audio processing and broadcast engineering. His numerous technical achievements have helped to shape the sound of broadcast audio for the last 40 years. Frank is responsible for Non-Aliasing DSP Clipper and Low-IMD Clipping technologies, both of which push the envelope in terms of the high level of performance that can be attained in radio broadcasts. Additionally, Frank is an advocate and developer of Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier Technology for FM. By taking advantage of today’s computing power he has brought Single Sideband FM stereo from a theory to a usable tool in the broadcaster’s transmitting toolbox. Other technical breakthroughs and patents include the Dividend Composite Filter; Dynamically Flat Time-Aligned Crossovers and Multi-Band Look-Ahead Limiting.