Buying a New Transmitter? Substantial Energy Rebates Available Through MAB!

You may be able to get a refund from your energy company if the new equipment that you plan to purchase or have purchased within a year saves energy. Knowing that many of you will need to purchase a new transmitter as part of the repack, and the equipment will most likely be more energy efficient than the ones that you have, MAB is filing with local energy companies to create a special category for broadcasters to receive cash back.

You already pay into this account as a surcharge on your electric energy bill, everyone does. Electric Energy companies are required to place the money into a special account and use it to provide refunds and incentives for energy conservation. These incentives will help the energy companies to reach their declared energy reduction plans. You pay into the energy fund on your bill, so why not try to get a little back?

Example: One MAB member radio station will see a one-time rebate from Consumers Energy in the $16,000+ range by replacing its transmitter with a more energy-efficient unit.

Here’s how it typically works: Your power provider will measure usage with your present equipment and then once the new equipment is operational, will do another measurement. The power savings are then calculated and a one-tme rebate is set up for energy savings.

The rebate can be usually estimated in advance of these measurements with equipment manufacturer efficiency data.

Call the MAB at 1-800-YOUR-MAB and we will set you up with our Energy Consultant Don Johns, EnStar Energy. Don is an expert on all things energy and he can help you traverse the paperwork to see if you qualify. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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