Michigan Army National Guard Leaves the NCSA Program October 31

The MAB was recently informed that the Michigan Army National Guard (MIANG) has chosen to distribute PSAs rather than air within the NCSA Program. MIANG has received significantly less funding for FY 19-20 and plans to utilize their own social and digital media platforms and distribute PSAs.

“Though not a surprise, it was certainly disappointing,” said MAB President/CEO Karole L. White. “We have had a long successful relationship with the Michigan Army National Guard. Given the changes at Guard Bureau in Washington DC and in the Michigan Army National Guard Command, the outcome was not unexpected.”

“We have enjoyed our relationship with the Guard for the past 25 years and wish them well with their earned media and PSA campaign,” White added.

MIANG spots will be pulled from the NCSA Program October 31. You will receive a KILL ORDER for messages if you have not already. Many stations participated, when asked, to add MIANG spots to your PSA rotation in addition to NCSA messages, to help boost their presence at their peak recruiting time. These messages will all need to be KILLED, so as not to receive a fine as talent will be expired.

White indicated that NCSA partners have come and gone over the years. MIANG was a significant partner, but that is why the MAB must keep large reserves to fill the void while other NCSA partners are sought. MAB is restricted in the partners we may accept. NCSA partners must be non-profit organizations or government programs with a public information message that benefits the state.

We are very fortunate that the members have built a good reserve for just this situation. We will do the same things that all of you do when you lose a client, we will find new partners to take their place.

MAB still has a number of different clients in the NCSA program on the air right now including Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, plus a short list of organizations that are interested. We rely on the NCSA commitment of our members and thank you for the messages that you donate to the MAB for use by our statewide community partners. The NCSA helps to fund a strong broadcast association, and helps non-profits and the State of Michigan reach the public.