Wendy Hart

Wendy Hart has spent the last 10 years as co-owner of WGHN, Inc which consists of radio stations WGHN-AM/FM and WMPA-FM in Grand Haven, Michigan. She also serves as Vice President/Director of Operations for the Spartan Sports Network in East Lansing, Michigan, a post she has held since the 1990s.

It all started for her in 1985, when she joined TBC in Chicago after the corporate media promotions company expanded into sports broadcast operations.  Within three years of joining TBC, the company merged with Rasmussen Communications Management led by Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN.  During her stint with RCM, Wendy worked in radio network operations, affiliation, and as a radio producer and writer for the University of Illinois, Purdue University, the Big Ten Conference, and the Chicago White Sox.

Following RCM, she helped co-found the Spartan Sports Network, Michigan State University’s statewide sports radio network. Wendy currently oversees broadcast operations and digital media. On weekends in the Fall, she also moonlights as a producer.  She has led the Michigan State football broadcast team for over 25 years.  Aside from SSN, management and marketing duties keep her on her toes at WGHN.

A proud member of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Wendy is a graduate of Illinois State University.