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If you would like to pay the entire $84 in a one time payment, send a check to:
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SEVEN for 70 is a celebration!

MABF sustains the longevity of the broadcast industry through education, awareness and resources as a stepping stone into the business. Your gift to the MABF helps fund the future of the industry by educating and recruiting young, fresh, and talented people through career fairs, conferences, and award ceremonies. Your tax-deductible gift will help fund the future of broadcasting, think of it like life insurance for the industry.

MAB Foundation is asking MAB members to donate $7 per month to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the MAB. These donations will contribute to the continuation of the educational programs that have benefitted Michigan broadcasters over the years. For the price of one latte a month…YOU can help mold the future of our industry.

MAB Foundation Programs

• MABF hosts five career fairs a year at various college campuses and MAB events. These career fairs touch hundreds of students and broadcast professionals.

• MABF allocates $25,500 annually in scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.

• MABF hosts the Broadcast Career Builder Conference aimed at college and high school students interested in broadcasting. This conference allows them to network and develop professionally in the industry while allowing MAB members to recruit new talent.

• MABF hosts the Student Awards and the Broadcast Excellence Awards each year. Awarding professional efforts in broadcasting secures the future of the industry by creating excitement and raising the caliber of work the industry outputs.

We encourage you to share this program with employees/colleagues at your station.


Thank You for celebrating with us!

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